India's Best Antivirus Software 2018 for Windows - ITL Antivirus

An efficient antivirus system is important for system security. Enjoy complete protection with ITL Antivirus - Best Antivirus in India which provides umbrella protection against all malware and system threats.

Continuous advancements in the digital world are increasing our dependency on technology. Computer systems are highly sophisticated these days and come with a pre-installed system protection module however they are not equipped to provide full proof protection against malicious system malware.

With each passing day, a newer malware is evolving and so are antivirus programs for system protection. A good antivirus module is a shield solution that scans, detects, disable and deletes all internet threats that can harm computer system and other network-connected devices.

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We often spend hours browsing the internet and our life revolves around smartphones and laptops. Photos, videos, word files, reminders are few important things that are quite personal and we do not wish to share them with anybody.

However, we should be well aware that a successful malware attack can destroy our system and expose our personal details to the world to see.

Choosing a good antivirus is the most important step in ensuring system protection. Do not just settle for any antivirus, opt for the ITL Antivirus, best antivirus suit which promises complete PC protection.

What is an Antivirus software?

Any Antivirus software is a computer virus protection and provides the go-to-solution to fight nasty malware and cyber-crook tactics.

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It is an all in one program that efficiently scans for, protects against, detects and removes malicious malware, such as virus, backdoor Trojan, adware, and other system infections. It is developed and designed to help keep your PC secure and safe from nasty programs that flush out all sorts of harm on your computer.

Why do you need an Antivirus Software?

As long as computers will be in existence, there will always be cybercriminals finding ways to commit fraud, cause system damage and break the overall experience of computers.

Antivirus programs are crucial to prevent all such cyber-attacks. Not all, cyber-attacks can be prevented but a best and free antivirus in India will definitely provide great assistance when trying to prevent invasions into the computer system. 

Not every system intrusions is meant to cause system damage but it is intelligently developed to expose system vulnerabilities and expose the system too much worse attacks.

Accidently, you could visit a malicious website that contains contaminated and pop up ads or click on a phishing email containing harmful links. The undisclosed bugs in the installed software open backdoors for hackers to enter your system.

New Age computer systems have pre-installed PC security system but do not provide full proof solutions. While choosing a good Antivirus software make sure that it is well equipped to provide system security by detecting system vulnerabilities and protecting if form installation of all odd bits on your machine. 

Anyone who actively downloads software’s online, uses email and clicks on web links, will definitely benefit from an antivirus module.

ITL Antivirus- Ultimate solution against Malware

ITL Antivirus provides a range of scans to protect your computer from malware. You can also create your customized scan and specify the parameters of the search.

ITL Antivirus is an excellent security program that can detect and block all malware threats on your computer and provides complete protection of your PC and home network. The software is considerably faster and doesn’t slow down your computer as it occupies very limited RAM and doesn’t cause as much lag and loss of computer resources.

The software is very easy to install and is highly user-friendly. Real-time protection and automatic updates from the global virus database are few of the prominent features of ITL Antivirus. The software perfectly shields your PC against Ransomware and nasty malware and it scans your incoming email messages, attachments and blocks dangerous web links to ensure any malicious files they hold don’t infect your computer. It also automatically scans all shared and portable devices that you plug into your computer. Most importantly, it doesn’t allow cyber-crooks and hijackers to alter the antivirus’ main core.

Useful Features.

ITL Antivirus allows you to prevent cyber criminals from accessing your most confidential and sensitive data. It minimizes usage of system resources, guarantees service availability, and regular system monitoring. Mentioned below are few of the prominent features.

  1. Fast Scanning - The Best antivirus, comes with a fast system scanning solution. It is sophisticatedly designed to scans for malware and system virus, blocks and deletes them to keep your system safe from virus and backdoor Trojan. When it comes to virus detection it scans all system files before opening them, email attachments, web links and portable devices to ensure that malware can’t launch. For ongoing security, it also performs system scan on demand or on the schedule you set.
  2. Real-Time protection - In addition to system scanning on demand. ITL also ensures 24/7 system protection from nasty and malicious malware. Real-Time protection is the bread and butter of ITL and silently runs in the background and looks at every nook and corner of your device to find nasty malware and other suspicious software and links.
  3. Web Protection - Often we spend hours surfing the internet which exposes your computer system to the harmful virus. Browser protection is another prominent feature ITL antivirus that ensures complete browsing security against latest online threats. It recognizes, flags and blocks malware-infected links, fixes contaminated URLs and also protects users from fraudulent websites and phishing sites that try to steal personal and details about the user.
  4. Live Updates - Regular and timely software updates forms a crucial aspect of safety against all malware. ITL is well designed to automatically update itself for checking both system vulnerabilities and keeping its database up to date for protection forms of old and new system infections. Quicker and frequent updates ensure better system security.

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Below mentioned are few aspects that will help you in choosing a good antivirus software for your computer system.

What are the benefits of using antivirus software?

There are various advantages of using Antivirus software on your computer.

  1. Protection from virus and malware - The primary job of any antivirus module is detection and protection against all virus, malware, and unknown system threats.
  2. Protection against phishing email - All attempts by the hacker to steal user’s personal information is completely avoided by an antivirus program. They are carefully designed to flag contaminate email attachments to ensure system protection.
  3. Provides complete Web Protection - Increased use of internet facilities increases the chances of cyber threats multifold. Antivirus takes complete control of all web activities by limiting access to unauthorized and contaminated sites.
  4. Scans portable devices and blocks ads - All files contained in portable devices are scanned before they are opened, and all contaminated pop-ups and other spam websites are blocked by Antivirus software for system security.

Do Antivirus programs remove a virus?

Yes, all antivirus software are developed to remove a virus. Any good antivirus module is designed to scan system, detect a virus, remove and disable existing malware, along with real-time protection against nasty system infections like Ransomware, botnets, Trojans and other infection from getting a foothold into your system. For 24/7 protection, it should also offer real-time malware protection.

A virus can have very harmful effects on the overall working of your computer system, however, the risk of virus attacks are significantly reduced by simply having an antivirus module.

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Why is it important to update your antivirus software?

Your antivirus program often comes up with the pop-up notification that it needs to be updated. If you are not regularly updating your antivirus software, you are not completely protected against internet safety risks and are prone to virus attacks.

Constantly updating the antivirus software on a computer is necessary because computers are regularly threatened by new age viruses. Antivirus companies frequently come up with software updates from time-to-time to deal with latest security threats.

All Anti-virus updates contain the latest files needed to combat new viruses and protect your computer.

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Which antivirus is best for PC in India?

ITL Antivirus, is undoubtedly one of the best and free Antivirus In India and is likely our undisputed choice. Free is no doubt, additionally, it is loaded with a number of powerful features and comes with an easy to use user interface. The security suite provides complete protection all existing system infections and also provides 24/7 ongoing protection form any new virus attack. The live update feature also helps it to stay ahead of threats by updating the latest virus definitions.

Ensure overall system protection and enjoy unmatched PC performance with ITL antivirus.

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